Meniscus Transplant Study Group

 The Meniscus Transplant Study Group was founded in 1986 in Steve Arnoczky's laboratory. Marlowe Goble, John Garrett, Kevin Stone and others lead the meetings for the first few years. Since then, the group has continued to meet mostly annually in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons with the goal of advancing the science and clinical application of meniscus transplantation. For several years, Cahir McDevitt led a purely basic science version of the meeting however the groups came together over the last decade. The meeting has been Chaired by Kevin Stone since the mid 1990s. Scientists, clinicians and industry partners are encouraged to post papers, blogs and videos on the web site and to share the same at the annual meeting. 

The Meniscus Cartilage Transplantation Study Group was formed in 1986 by a combination of orthopaedic surgeons, veterinary surgeons and scientists to help promote the science of meniscus cartilage transplantation, and to evaluate its transfer from a basic science research to the clinic practice. The group has now expanded to include the European Meniscal Transplantation Group (EMTG). Over 4000 human allograft meniscus cartilages have been transplanted since 1986.

The transplant group meets every year at the America Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and has grown to an average attendance of approximately 75 scientists each year at the U.S. meeting and 30 surgeons and scientists at the European Meeting. The papers presented at the Meniscus Cartilage Transplantation Group have been a mixture of basic science and clinical evaluation of the patients who have undergone cartilage transplantation. At each meeting new papers are presented, ranging from cellular behavior, biomechanics of meniscus cartilage, growth factors and DNA research, to animal studies of meniscus cartilage replacement and regeneration, and human studies using allograft meniscus cartilage and meniscus cartilage regeneration templates, such as collagen scaffolds. This site is designed for the surgeon, scientist and interested patient who may wish to discover more about meniscus transplantation, contribute to ongoing research, or find an experience transplantation surgeon.