Big changes for SRF as we look to enter 2017

This has been a remarkable year. We are thrilled to share our successes, and the developments we’re lining up for 2017.

In October 2016, our research tracking the performance of articular cartilage paste grafts in patients 10 to 23 years after their surgery was published in the international knee society journal KSSTAThe study, funded in part by our donors, shows that the paste graft procedure for cartilage repair can provide sustained improvements in pain and function for an average of 16 years after the procedure.

This is a huge validation of our biologic approach to knee repair more than two decades in the making.  With this study, we expect to accelerate the acceptance of biologic orthopedic repair. This may well eliminate or significantly delay joint replacements, giving patients many more active years.  On behalf of knee patients everywhere, thank you for your support of this landmark research.  You can read the full report here.

Strengthened by these results, the Foundation is now preparing to expand its research with new critical studies. We will seek to improve paste grafting, develop techniques to accelerate meniscus and ligament graft healing using growth factors, and determine the ability of anabolic agents to prevent muscle atrophy following surgery. We will provide a detailed description of our research agenda next month on our website, including a video with Dr. Stone describing each of the studies we plan to launch.

To achieve our expanded mission, we have added three new directors — all of whom have had first-hand experience with the fruits of the Foundation’s research — to our Board of Directors. Communications specialist Rich LeFurgy, entrepreneur and activist Christine Mason and Wired Magazine and TCHO Chocolate Founder Jane Metcalfe have all joined the board to provide strategic planning and development support. D’Arcy Roche continues to serve the Board as an advisor.

Please help us continue to expand our research contributions to the world. Our goal, as always, is to create and test new biologic solutions for people who want to continue enjoying life to the fullest after injury or arthritis.

Your donation will be used to support:

  1. Patient outcome study preparation and publication as well as our education programs.
  2. Our research project fund, which will enable the following studies:
    1. SRF021 Biochemical Characterization of the paste graft to identify mechanisms of action
    2. SRF025 Identification of infectious agents in osteoarthritis
    3. SRF035 Design and development of growth factors infusion into tissue transplants
    4. SRF030 Using anabolic agents to prevent postoperative muscle atrophy
    5. SRF022 Comparison of paste graft to microfracture in an equine model
    6. SRF023 Human clinical trial of paste graft in comparison to microfracture

In addition, we are currently creating a new endowment fund to secure our long- term research agenda. We will provide more information in our next communication, but please contact me directly if you are interested in a long-term commitment.

To reinforce our own dedication to this work, my wife Susan and I will match the first $25,000 in gifts made to the Stone Research Foundation, between now and the end of 2016, dollar for dollar. I hope that you will join us.

As always, thank you for your committed support of this work to improve our world.

Best Regards,

Kevin R. Stone, MD