A look back at 2014

2014 was a successful year for the Stone Research Foundation. Generous donor contributions helped us deliver on both our research and education goals to advance and promote biologic orthopedic solutions.

Some of the 2014 highlights:

Meniscus Transplantation in Athletes Study
In September, we completed a long-term outcome study of meniscal transplants in athletes with osteoarthritis, which showed that the procedure can get people back to sports for up to 15 years. The study was publish in the journal of Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy.
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10-20 Year Articular Cartilage Paste Graft Study
We completed a 10-20 year outcome study of articular cartilage paste grafting for traumatic and arthritic knee lesions. Cartilage repair procedures are promoted as extremely promising solutions for patients seeking to avoid or delay knee replacement. However, most techniques are indicated for isolated defects, not more widespread damage and there are few outcome studies on biologic procedures longer than short- to medium-term. This follow-up study showed that paste grafting was able to provide improvements in pain, function, and activity levels for patients for up to 20 years. Combined with its low cost, the paste graft is a viable long-term treatment option for severe cartilage injuries.

Paste Grafting for Failed Osteochondritis Dissecans Lesion Repairs
We completed a study on the outcomes of the articular cartilage paste graft technique for previously failed surgical treatments of knee Osteochondritis dissecans lesions. MRI images of study patients confirmed that the paste graft procedure was able to restore the cartilage surface. Patients in the study reported significant reduction in pain and significant improvements in function and activity levels compared to before undergoing paste grafting.

Fellowship program
Over four months this year, we mentored Indian orthopedic surgeon, Irfan S. Sheikh, MBBS, DNB Orthopedics for our clinical and research fellowship. During his time with us, Dr. Sheikh participated in clinical and surgical observation with Dr. Stone; development and execution of research studies; and a surgical training lab to learn biologic surgical techniques.
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Meniscus Defect Repair Study
In July, we launched the first phase of a study to evaluate infusing segments of donor meniscus tissue with a patient’s own stem cells for repair of large and complex meniscus tears. The results of this study have the potential to increase the indication for surgical repair of the meniscus, allowing surgeons to preserve the native meniscus more often, rather than having to remove it.

Biologic Surgical Techniques Workshop
In April, we hosted a hands-on workshop teaching biologic surgical techniques to attending surgeons. Dr. Stone provided hands-on, one-on-one training to workshop attendees, sharing valuable tips and tricks of the three-tunnel technique for meniscus transplantation.

Presented as Keynote Speaker at Chinese Meniscus Surgery Conference
Dr. Stone presented as the keynote speaker for Chinese surgeons in Beijing on meniscus transplantation theory, practice and results. His time at the event included a teaching lab, and private meetings with surgeons and medical administrators.

We couldn’t have done this without you!

We are grateful for the commitment of our donors. Charitable gifts to the Stone Research Foundation help support our ability to conduct ground-breaking science; attract world-class collaborators; develop new methods of using stem cells and growth factors to speed healing; solve the problem of post-traumatic arthritis; inspire students and surgeons who come to the Foundation; lecture around the world to teach surgeons; and bring cost effective care to the developing world.

With your ongoing help, we are positioned to continue these successes into 2015.